A Man of Understanding

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Dr. Roger Birkman, who founded Birkman in 1951, revolutionized the world of personality assessments and made a positive impact on the world through his life’s work.

A Man of Understanding tells Dr. Birkman’s story—from his upbringing as the son of a minister to his time as a WWII fighter pilot to his innovations with the Birkman assessment. The book explores the genesis of his Test of Social Comprehension and how it evolved into The Birkman Method assessment used today.

It features interviews with Dr. Birkman, so you can read, in his words, his motivations behind developing The Birkman Method and understand his analysis of different Birkman scoring patterns.

Note: This book was launched at the Birkman 2014 Conference as a tribute to Dr. Birkman. It includes “classic” Birkman Component names (e.g. Authority instead of Assertiveness). When purchased through the Birkman Store, you’ll also receive a bookmark with the updated Component names for your reference. 

  • Softcover: 78 pages
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