Birkman Floor Map

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Birkman Floor Map

Set apart your team building workshop with an oversized Birkman Map!

Many Birkman Map team activities involve creating a room-sized version of the map so that participants can physically interact with their Birkman scores.

The Birkman Floor Map features the new gradated colors along with the terms Extroverted/Introverted and Task/People to help reinforce the meaning of the different Birkman Colors and the placement of their Birkman Symbols on the map.

This vividly colored floor mat is made of durable vinyl that is easy to roll or fold for transport. It comes in 6' x 6', 8' x 8', and 10' x 10' sizes, so you can choose what will work best with your space and team size.

Note: This product requires an extra 1-2 days for processing, will ship separately, and is not available for express delivery. 

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