Birkman Map: Usual & Needs | Workshop Toolkit Set

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Leading a team building workshop but don't have the time to build it from scratch? Birkman at Work toolkits empower you with the resources to host a dynamic Birkman workshop easily and quickly—lessening the burden on HR.

Developed by expert workshop facilitators, the Birkman Map: Usual & Needs workshop toolkit is the perfect starting place for exposing participants to Birkman. The workshop helps individuals learn about themselves and their colleagues through the Birkman Usual Behavior and Needs data, which reflect defining personality traits that affect performance and workplace collaboration.

The interactive, 2-hour workshop covers: 

  • An Introduction to Personality
  • Birkman Colors & Map
  • Usual Behavior
  • Needs
  • Team Dynamics

Filled with interactive team activities and personal reflection, the goal of this workshop is to improve participants' self-awareness and help teams recognize their diversity and collective strengths.

This Birkman at Work toolkit does not require Birkman Certification, so you can get started with Birkman quickly and enable managers to host workshops directly with their teams.

* Available for sale to all Birkman users—Birkman Certification is not required.


Does not include:

  • Birkman assessment and reports for participants

You will need to administer the Birkman questionnaire to all workshop participants at an additional cost to the workshop toolkit. Birkman questionnaires are purchased, administered, and reported on through the BirkmanDirect system. Please contact the Birkman team at or (800) 215-2760 to discuss setting up or using your BirkmanDirect account.

Have more than 10 participants? Purchase additional Participant Sets here (sold in packs of 10).

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