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Birkman Learning Incubator

Birkman Learning Incubator

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Status as a Birkman Certified Professional 

Program Overview: 

The Birkman Learning Incubator is a collaborative learning experience designed for Birkman Certified Professionals. This program builds knowledge and creates capabilities in four streams of learning, as outlined below. Each learning stream includes three targeted applications: gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, increasing knowledge of others, and learning tools and strategies for applying these concepts within organizations. 

 This 3-month program features a learning and integration model that uses the cadence of a 4-hour Learning Intensive followed by a 1.5-hr Learning Integration to discuss insights and application of concepts. To maximize outcomes for each individual and best benefit from fellow peers, cohorts are limited to ten participants. Throughout the Birkman Learning Incubator, you will deepen your mastery of your own Birkman while also developing tactical real-world strategies in order to actualize these concepts in the workplace, whether that be as colleagues, a coach, consultant, or leader. 

Recordings will be available for any missed classes. 


 Learning Streams: 

  1. Applying Growth Mindset to Personality
  2. The Chemistry of Perception
  3. Two Types of Developmental Blindspots 
  4. The Underlying Influence of Interests

 Program Benefits: 

  • Learn from Amy Shepley, Birkman President, and top-rated Birkman facilitator
  • Engage in coaching and development related to the four learning streams
  • Deepen expertise and expand knowledge of The Birkman Method
  • Gain tools and resources to apply concepts with clients or employees
  • Network, learn, and create community with other cohort members
  • VIP access to Amy during incubator timeframe for ongoing support

 Who is this program for? 

Birkman Certified Professionals with a hunger to expand their Birkman relationships, develop themselves, as well as their expertise and application of The Birkman Method. 

 Schedule: All classes occur on a Friday

Orientation Session – Feb. 24th 

1. March 3, 11:00–1:00 and 1:30–3:30 pm Central - Applying Adaptability and Growth Mindset to Personality (Learning Intensive)

  • March 10, 12:00–1:30 pm Central  – Learning Integration
2. Mar 24, 11:00–1:00 and 1:30–3:30 pm Central – Personality in Context: The Power of n+1 (Learning Intensive) 
  • Mar 31, 12:00–1:30 pm Central – Learning Integration
3. April 14,11:00–1:00 and 1:30–3:30 pm Central – Two Types of Developmental Blindspots (Learning Intensive)
  • April 21,12:00–1:30 pm Central  – Learning Integration
4. May 5, 11:00–1:00 and 1:30–3:30 pm Central – The Underlying Influence of Interests (Learning Intensive)
  • May 12, 12:00–1:30 pm Central – Learning Integration

Facilitator: Amy is a third-generation Birkman leader with over 20 years of experience working with organizational behavior and perception to help individuals, leaders, and teams increase performance. She started her professional journey at the University of Texas studying sociology, followed by receiving her MBA from Tulane University, and has developed her skill set by working on different types of organizational challenges with clients and consultants utilizing The Birkman Method. Amy has a passion for all things personality, but especially in driving innovation at Birkman to improve and scale organizational success.