"Your Personality" Acrylic Desk Display

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Put your Birkman personality on display! Connect with your peers and show off your Birkman colors with this elegant acrylic desk symbol set, complete with your very own Birkman symbols. This desk plaque makes a meaningful, personalized gift for any Birkman user or client.

The set includes a white base with one of each of the Birkman Symbols (Asterisk, Diamond, and Circle/Square) in colors you choose.

Note: As this is a custom item, please carefully select the Interests/Usual/Needs colors you wish to have included in the set. The color you select the for the Usual Behavior (Diamond) will also be used for the packaging—adding an extra touch of customization for the gift!

  • Set of Birkman symbols in your personal colors
  • Product Dimensions: 7" L x 2.75" W x 2.75" H       
  • Weight: 6.7 oz
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